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It is important to our organization that we provide a way for players with special needs and their families to enjoy Americas game, which would normally not be accessible to them.

Challenger Baseball is an official division of Little League for players with special needs. Players with physical or developmental challenges can play organized team baseball.  Rules are designed to minimize competition and maximize fun and sportsmanship.  Thanks to the WCLL, WC Lions Club and other local businesses, there is no out of pocket expense to participate in Challenger Division. Each player gets a team jersey, hat and socks, a nice field to play on and a team with dedicated manager and coaches.

Our season runs from mid-March through mid-June.  Games are played on Sundays … mostly in the afternoon.  We play on fields in Walnut Creek and at other District 4 Little League fields, like Lafayette, Concord, Clayton, Pinole-Hercules, Alameda, and Oakland.

Registration for our Challengers program is open year-round. To begin your registration, please click here.

For all questions and inquiries, please contact: Bob Akers,

We have three separate sub-divisions of Challenger Baseball:


For kids with special needs ages 5 up through 17.  Non-competitive.  Rules are designed for fun and not competition.  We don’t count runs, outs, balls and strikes.  Every kids bats successfully…by hitting a coached pitched ball or a ball placed on a batting tee.  If needed, parents or coaches can assist batting and help the player move from base to base to cross home plate. Game typically last about 90 minutes.

Senior Challengers

For players with special needs ages 15 and up. Non-competitive.  There is no upper age limit.  The rules are the same as the younger Challengers.  (Players 15, 16 and 17 can opt to play in either Challengers or Senior Challengers)


Competitive version of Challenger Baseball for players 15 years and up. Runs, outs, balls and strikes are counted.  Safety is the main concern for this league. In order to participate in the Majors a player must have the ability to:

  • Participate without one on one supervision in practices, drills and games
  • Be able to follow verbal instruction
  • Be able to react to baseballs hit directly at the player by catching, blocking or getting out of the way.
  • Be able to hit a coach pitched baseball without assistance.    

Because of safety concerns a player must be evaluated by coaches or managers to join the Majors.